Tyson… like the chicken?

Most people ask about the name, or call me Tyson by mistake. Tyson is my middle name, and is a family name. My grandpa’s middle name is Tyson, his dad’s middle name was too, and his dad’s dad’s first name was Tyson. My grandpa Ron Tyson was an automotive designer, and his daughter (my mom) is an illustrator. It just seemed like it made sense to give a shout out to the gene pool where it seems my creative side found its origin.

As for me, I am an energetic young designer from Grosse Ile, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. My mom and dad put me in my first art class at the age of ten, where I learned how to use colored pencils and markers to pour my imagination out on paper. I was never all that great, at least not compared to my friend Luke who was in most of my classes. I always envied his ability to be able to draw exactly what he imagined, but never quite got there with my illustrating skills.

As a youngster, I loved to rip apart my mom’s kitchen appliances, old TVs, radios, basically anything I could get my hands on and had the tools to deconstruct. I loved figuring out the way things work, and (sometimes) fixing them. I fondly remember visits to Border’s Books where I would empty the shelf of the big books where they would show you cross sections of stuff like ships, guns and castles. My drawings started to become less about how detailed I could make a monster look, and more about how the monster came about. Conveyor belts, slime machines, eyeball dispensers, my drawings were like a twisted, sci-fi version of Henry Ford.

In college I realized what I was, a creative problem solver. Sure, I’m a graphic designer by trade, but thats just an expression of something deeper. Design, to me, is just a problem waiting to be solved, a puzzle waiting to be put in order, and graphic design is simply a tool in my solution-building box.


What I’m probably doing at any given moment:
Solving problems (duh)
Teaching young dudes how to act like not such young dudes
Water or snow skiing
Road or mountain biking
Taking pictures (digital or analog)
Playing disc golf
Playing ultimate frisbee
Enjoying a snifter of craft beer

Made it this far? Check out my resume!